Store Equipment

Here you will find out what makes our store tick.


Coral Systems

Our two main coral tanks are custom 240 gallon rimless tanks (96" x 48").  Flow is provided by Maxspect Gyres. 

Frag system

A beautiful 50 gallon rimless tank sits directly in front of our second coral tank. This tank is lit by two radions and flow is provided by a single maxspect gyre.

Fish system

The fish system is comprised of 24 individual 20 gallon tanks.  Filtration is handled by a Skimz Monster SM253 DC skimmer and a T.M.C 220 watt U.V. sterilizer.

Invertebrate system

The acrylic invertebrate system  is comprised of two rows of cubicles. Sitting in front of the first coral tank, each row is 48x6x6inch for a total of 16 cubicles. 

Live Rock and shrimp system

A very simple system that includes a custom 120 gallon 8ft x 2ft acrylic aquarium that houses our live rock. Located above the rock tank is another cubicle system that houses various macro algaes and shrimp. 


Our two display tanks are sporting some of latest technology in the saltwater hobby. First lets start with the 300 gallon reef tank.  There is one EcoTech Marine Vortech MP60 & MP40 providing flow. Filtration is handled with a Skimz Monzter SM253 DC Internal Protein Skimmer, and a 80-watt AquaUV sterilizer. 

Last but not least we have our 125 gallon peninsula reef display. Starting from the top down, the lights are 3 EcoTech Marine Radion XR15w Pros. For in tank water movement there are two EcoTech Marine Vortech MP10w's. Underneath sits a 40 gallon sump with a Skimz Monster SM163 DC Internal Protein Skimmer.